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William Rutledge's new video: Alien EBE Mona Lisa

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  • uploaded: Apr 9, 2008
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Shocking! Whenever it is a hoax or not...! I would never expect such a skin upon an ET... But the footage confirms the information provided by the previous interview with William Rutledge (from Mr. Scantamburlo). If it is a hoax then it was as interesting perspective from a ET by the authors. If it is not a hoax then we have to review our ancestors genealogy.

Here is an extract of an interview with William Rutledge held last year:

Interviewer: What about the â??Mona Lisa EBEâ?? [the correct Italian name is â??Monna Lisaâ?] How does she look like and where was she at that time, when you found out her on the Moon. Where do you think she is now?

William Rutledge: Mona Lisa â?? I donâ??t remember who named the girl, Leonov or me - was the intact EBE. Humanoid, female, 1.65 meter. Genitalized, haired, six fingers (we guess that mathematics are based on a dozen). Function; pilot, piloting device fixed to fingers and eyes, no clothes, we had to cut two cables connected to the nose. No nostril. Leonov unfixed the eyes device (you'll see that in the video). concretions of blood or bio liquid erupted and froze from the mouth, nose, eyes and some parts of the body. Some parts of the body were in unusual good condition, (hair) and the skin was protected by a thin transparent protection layer. As we told to mission control, condition seemed not dead not alive. We had no medical background or experience, but Leonov and I used a test, we fixed our bio equipment on the EBE, and telemetry received by surgeon (Mission Control meds) was positive. Thatâ??s another story. Some parts could be unbelievable now, I prefer tell the whole story when other videos will be online. This experience has been filmed in the LM. We found a second body, destroyed, we brought the head on board. Color of the skin was blue gray, a pastel blue. Skin had some strange details above the eyes and the front, a strap around the head, wearing no inscription. The "cockpit" was full of calligraphy and formed of long semi hexagonal tubes. She is on Earth and she is not dead, but I prefer to post other videos before telling what happened after.

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  • Opalserpent#

    Opalserpent December 29, 2011 6:10:23 AM CET

    I posted fake on this like a year ago. My showing I posted fake a month ago is wrong. Why do I think it's fake. Doesn't look right. Smell a fake after seeing so many. Bad fake.

  • Opalserpent#

    Opalserpent October 16, 2011 1:50:53 AM CEST


  • Brainchannels#

    Brainchannels October 9, 2010 8:25:41 PM CEST

    uh huh, there's no excuse for the code errors with the "?"s! Fix the problem please. As far as this William fellow, he sounds like a gold digger but only time will tell.

  • Elohimscience#

    Elohimscience September 14, 2008 11:55:40 PM CEST

    to me the hair appears real. it seems there is a covering of some sort and you can see the hair poking out from underneath. i thin she looks real. the thing i find curious is how the skin is not at all porous.

  • Belarion#

    Belarion May 28, 2008 1:20:16 AM CEST

    faker than fake! but guana has a cool picture.

  • Lunomaly#

    Lunomaly April 24, 2008 5:17:58 AM CEST

    Hair definitely looks like clay. Anyone who's had Art 101 can see that. What a shame. Was hoping for something good. If Hollywood special effects experts would've done this video, we'd all be wondering if it was the real deal.

  • Fatrock386#

    Fatrock386 April 19, 2008 4:12:45 PM CEST

    looked like chicken bones to me.

  • Shadoz#

    Shadoz April 10, 2008 3:40:29 PM CEST

    O.K. First of the film @ the spec sheet there is what appears to be lo-tac bright blue scotch tape holding the sheet on the color board. Highly suspect as it wasn't availableat the supposed time this was filmed.

  • Mrknowitall#

    Mrknowitall April 10, 2008 6:57:29 AM CEST

    What's with the q-tips glued to the mannequin's eyes and stuff?

  • Shadoz#

    Shadoz April 9, 2008 10:58:27 PM CEST

    Hmmm...Looks maybe like Adipocere a.k.a. "Grave Wax". Other boards are saying it looks like a clay sculpture. Just a thought. Not an expert so don't slam me with science!

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