AlienScientist Interview with Frank Znidarsic

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Frank Znidarsic explains his paper in this exclusive first ever interview! If this new theory turns out to be correct, it will revolutionize modern physics as we know it, bringing us a wave of new technologies just as the original understandings of Quantum Mechanics brought us radio, computers, fiber optics, cell phones, etc. The most profound aspect would have to be the fact that this theory was derived from cold fusion and antigravity experiments. Two of the technologies that will most certainly emerge from this new understanding of the physical laws of atoms. This means no more addiction to oil, and no more need for huge expensive rockets to put people in space. Clean, sustainable energy and a barrage of new propulsion technologies are in store for any understand these new laws and apply them.

Franks Paper:

VT the observed velocity in cold fusion and antigravity has to do with movement of heavy protons.
It is the velocity of sound in the medium.

The velocity we get with the elastic constant of the sq rt (K/M) has to do with the speed of sound in the electrons. It normally is a much faster velocity. This is the mode light couples with. It is the speed of light in the medium.

The solution is

speed of sound = speed of light equation #10

Some Background info about Cold Fusion for WIRED:

Please note the correlation between the nanoparticles (50nm) and the heating (infrared vibrations ~10^14 hertz)

Latest on Cold Fusion from SPWAR (US NAVY):

The latest on Podkletnov from the European Space Agency:

Yoshiaki Arata uses 50nm palladium and heats it as much as possilbe using Low end Infra Red (10^14 hertz) Again the velocity 1.094 million meters per second emerges.

Popular Mechanics on Ning Li experiment:

NASA assessment of the cost for this experiment:

Additional Links from Frank's website:

Ning Li's Profile:

Dennis Cravens Lab:

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