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  • Hiyosilver#

    Hiyosilver January 30, 2010 12:34:03 PM CET

    12.99%? Still outrageous! Anything above 3% is outrageous! The banks make BILLIONS (especially now from OUR own free money given to them by the obaminator! Bail out, my ass!) CEOs are grossly overpaid and yet banks come after us for every nickle they can. And then make it seem that they are doing us a favor. They make the rules and change them at their whim. If we have a problem, they merely ignore us unless they are smacked on the side of the head with such public protest as this. Is the system you are dealing with disconnected or disorganized? No way! It is by design. With the highly paid, financial experts and the technology in place, there is no excuse for the banks to "make a mistake". I have a story with a local bank re: mortgage/tax overpayment. They are arrogant! Perhaps polite about it- but arrogant. Ignoring personal visits and denying that they received letters and notices from me. Even denying receipt of an interoffice fax which I had a transmission receipt and copy of. Hon, if your videos portray facts and are presented as factual information or as asking questions, the banks should have no complaint with the videos! All the best!

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