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Disclosure: David Wilcock & Benjamin Fulford Pt1/9


This groundbreaking audio clip sheds light on the "big game" going on behind the scenes... which could very well lead to Disclosure in the near future!


"Benjamin Fulford worked as the former East-West editor for Forbes Magazine, and got drawn into an incredible world of international financial intrigue a few years ago. He lives in Japan, speaks fluent Japanese, and has become one of the leading voices offering a hopeful perspective in a field that is almost completely overrun with 'doom and gloom'.

Fulford ultimately discovered that there are two major warring factions in the insider world of global politics -- the Rothschild / European / Soviet faction and the Rockefeller / American faction. His disclosures have in turn assisted many others, myself included, in their own research.

I have written extensively about both of these factions -- as well as their opponents -- in my in-progress Ebook, "Disclosure Endgame."


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  • Dmtshaman#

    Dmtshaman January 31, 2010 11:11:21 PM CET

    If you feel this to be so, then why would you even bother clicking on this link. You must still want to hear what he has to say? Nobody has the answers you seek, only you hold those answers... all he speaks of is the answers he seeks...

  • Monkeman#

    Monkeman January 31, 2010 11:56:38 AM CET

    Disclosure is disclosure, be thankful you have the ability to refuse any information you wish, and FOCUS on what your mind can handle.

  • Bahb3#

    Bahb3 January 31, 2010 3:12:54 AM CET

    David Wilcock is a modern day snake oil salesman! Why do people keep posting his crap?? He gives disclosure a bad name...

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