Monsanto- patent on pigs? 1.5

unheard of patenting of a living organism?. whats next?

Monsanto Company, the world leader in Genetically Modified foods.
This "mega" company also now owns most of the world's seed.

They (Monsanto) are now seeking a patent on the actual pig. It's an astounding and dangerous claim.

The world has allowed this company to basically own life!
If you have not heard of the Monsanto Corporation and you eat food like most humans on earth, it would be worth your time to research what this company has done to the world's food sources, supplies and what they have planned.

Unless you live in one of the most remote parts of this planet, the odds are you eat foods that have genetically modified (from Monsanto Co.) products in them. People are ingesting these every day, without realizing it. Studies are linking the massive, almost pandemic levels of rare cancers, to the direct increase in GM foods world wide!

Below are very important links. They very well could be, one of the most important videos you can watch, especially if you have small children.

1)"Future of Foods":

*NEW* 2) Reporters Blow Whistle on FOX News: Monsanto and our milk:
If you are giving regular milk to your children, it is 95% likely to be from cows injected with Monsanto's BST. If you have little children, at least feed them certified Organic Milk or Organic milk equivalent like Organic soy milk:

*NEW* 3) "Monsanto: Extinction"

4) "The World According to Monsanto" (Ground breaking proof of how the head of the FDA are actually heads of the Monsanto Company):

*NEW* 5) "Monsanto: Seed of Death" (Monsanto's rape of farmer Percy Schmeiser)

6) Percy Schmeiser Part 1:

*NEW* 7) "Monsanto: End of Life" (last part of this video shows undeniable proof that the FDA & Monsanto are one in the same.) Criminal conflict of interest.

8) "You and your milk" (MONSANTO):

You must STOP feeding your young children non organic milk and GM foods. Their health depends on your knowledge which Monsanto is tying to cover up for PROFITS.

A few of my favorite videos that have been suppressed by main stream media; videos that could very well change you:

1A) - HBO: Hacking Democracy - :

2A) - America: Freedom to Fascism - :

3A) - FIAT EMPIRE - Why the Federal Reserve Violates the U.S. Constitution:

4A) - Electronic Voting Machines Whistle Blower - :

5A) - Professional Perspectives: Fluoride in Tap Water - :

6A) - We Become Silent - The Last Days of Health Freedom - :

7A) - Dangers of Fluoride Pt.1 - :

8A) - The Truth about Fluoride - :

Nazi & USSR used Fluoride to make their people docile, complacent and very manageable.

Have you been asking yourself why we Americans are NOT taking action against the massive criminal misconduct of some of our top officials and their travesties? Why we only "woke up" for the first year after 9/11, then like some colossal giant that was awakened by a loud noise, yawned, rolled back over and promptly fell back asleep?

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