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STS 130 Endeavour Enters The ISS - 10 Feb.2010 (2)

  • Kingz
  • uploaded: Feb 10, 2010
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The crew of Endeavour enters the ISS and both crew welcome eachother, take group pictures and have debriefing.

HD Audio Footage + Video Live Feed.

This footage was taken on 10 Februari 2010, and comes from:

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  • Dourselfafavor#

    Dourselfafavor February 10, 2010 3:54:58 PM CET

    Obama to End NASA Constellation ProgramFOXNews.comOn the eve of the fullest moon of the year, NASA scientists were told they won't be able to visit any longer. In his new budget, President Obama plans to eliminate the space program's manned moon missions.NASA's Constellation program should replace our aging fleet of space shuttles, which make their last flight in September. But reports indicate Obama may eliminate the program entirely, leaving the U.S. relying on Russian vehicles for space transportation.

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