Mind Control & One World Order 04-02-2010 pt2

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Mind Control & One World Order 04-02-2010 George Noory Fred Bell Gerald Celente Coast to Coast AM P5

Scientist and innovator Fred Bell spoke about his recent work on how an "evil" emergence and one-world government has manipulated the population via mind control and other methods. We've seen attacks on the banking and education systems, as well as decreases in mental health and moral values, he said. The big pharmaceutical companies push certain vaccines and antidepressants, some of which contain ingredients that "basically put your brain into a coma and regress you back in consciousness and turn you into an animal," he asserted.
The big picture is the One World Order eventually wants to eliminate 80% of the population yet there's an internal breakdown occurring in their ranks, with many of their family members becoming dysfunctional, Bell continued. He outlined a number of current mind control and surveillance techniques, like the "radar flashlight" which "checks electromagnetic activity of speech control in the vocal chords," as a kind of intensive data mining. There's also "keyhole satellites" that can beam "emotion signature clusters" at people to change their psychological state.
In the the 1980s and 90s, the CIA and its MK Ultra program developed a program to make people think they were having an alien abduction, and inserted implants in them to control them, Bell reported. But now, nanotechnology has enabled them to create implants the size of a grain of salt, and some of them have been placed in flu vaccines, he claimed.
Economic Analysis
First hour guest, Gerald Celente offered analysis on the state of the economy. We've never seen a system where so few banks have taken control of so much, he commented. After the US started jumping in "to this big promise of globalization and world trade," our standard of living has steadily declined, he added.

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