New World Order / Skull & Bones / Illuminati INFO!

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This is a compilation of hundreds of pictures that depict the NWO in all it's glory. Note the text from the song by:

Eastcoast Avengers - Lady Liberty

[Verse 3: Slaine]

Oil grabbing ovaries, Lady Liberty is ? and violent
Vocally, she’s a bitch, chivalry is dead
Ice cold shivery, televisions are being fed
Eyes so vividly visioned they’d imprison me instead
This isn’t being fed up, this is off with their head
What’s the price of a bullet? We are lost being led
Follow stray shots, bombs in their eyes burst as they watch
How many grave plots? When do we say stop?
When do we take responsibility?
Are we willing to trust these villains with suits and ties
Who lust for billions?
Are we filled with the ability to really be ill?
I don’t need no fucking Bill or Hillary still
I feel like they’re villains too to really be real
So I got artillery filled, kill or be killed
In these killing fields, false prophets profit from loss
Gosh, I wonder how much the whole Oval Office will cost
And it’s only getting worse now, Bush was nothing
McCain could be the first one to push the button
Who do we trust now when we can’t even trust us?
There’s no peace we can find, there’ ain’t no justice
Just a war going on against each of us
We need to reach down deep and start speaking up
Cause everybody’s illing when the buildings blow up
But what’s gonna happen when our children grow up?

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