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Final Government Proof WTC 7


  • Gabriel23#

    Gabriel23 February 15, 2010 2:39:08 AM CET

    Interesting...I wonder how NIST explains this then:Larry Silverstein admits to having DEMOLISHED WTC 7 damning, don't you think?

  • Balderachris#

    Balderachris February 14, 2010 6:00:05 AM CET

    Why not tell me the one about Humpty Dumpty, at least in that fable the snake got so big it ate it's tale. Your tentacles reach far and wide great beast, but now as you desperately cling for existence we look down on you; servants of the NWO(NIST and those responsible for making this video pretending that there%u2019s any amount of credibility and inject this falsehood into the minds of the many). I really hope that all of you can find your center and start living again. To me you're no different than walking talking mummies(mindless/soulless) serving someone else's purpose. NIST, FYI a CAD program is not going to explain how Nano-thermite was found in the rubble. And it just so happened that the first time in history a steel-reinforced building collapses on its own footprint due to fire, and the proof(or explanation) is shown through a Computer Aided Design video and a footage of a firefighter%u2019s leg subliminally disguised as a couple of steel columns weakened by the office fire. Give me a break this is brainwashing propaganda pleading for attention and needs to be discredited. To the people at NIST and to your overlord masters that were so clever in concocting this fable which even a baby can see through, Please do yourselves a favor look past the politics, economics, and even religious aspects, machinations built and cared for by you. Machinations which by now, you should know have grown beyond your direct control and is going to face its own built-in obsolescence(ironic, isn%u2019t it? ). And to all of you Foot soldiers of this great death adoring machine, just try and bounce this around your heads, you can try to keep an air bubble trapped under water but one way or another it will find its way up. Let every coming day be your best and treat it like a truly loving present from above. Be the peace you'd like to see in the world and soon this Borg-like leech will starve, fade away and make room for earth, make room for earth. Live long and prosper my brothers and sisters.

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