Why Christ Jesus appeared in this Dark Age and wha

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Why Chrust Jesus appeared in this Dark Age and what was His Mission? - 5.
Hi, Today our Brother Jagdeep Mudan made me the Poster of Davids Cross of Morality versus Christ Jesus Star of Spirituality in Word document and I have put it in both the word and pdf format. I have put it up in the word documents so that our Brethren can reproduce it in different languages. It is easy to replace the text. Also, I wanted an open Book over which goes the Davids Cross and then Sins Forgivable and in the same way a shape of heart over which the Bethlehem Star and the wording Blasphemy Not Forgivable. If any of you can do this job, please do so and I will replace the present document with the new. This Poster:-
And the Trinity Document:- http://homepage.ntlworld.com/rajinder.nijjhar/threen.pdf
Are very Basic Posters to understand the whole religious subject. So, please try to grasp them and print them out for distribution among the twice born people. They are rare to come across. I will render exposition of these Posters and Trinity was already done. In these Videos I will do on this Star Poster. Better print it out for easy following what I say.
Gospel comes from your own heart and not the Books. Colour prints would give you a better look. Any suggestions, please do me a favour by posting it.

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