Dr Jonathan Reed's Alien Encounter

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Update of Dr Jonathan Reed's Alien Encounter Part 6

Here's an update to the Jonathan Reed case..,

Dan Iaria
Dan McEvoy
Robert Raith
Jonathan Reed

In October 1996, while hiking in the wood of washington State with his dog Suzy, Dr. Reed came into contact with a strange entity. The creature killed his dog, honathanreacted by killing it - or so he thought ! The chain of events that followed this incident are bizarre, to say the least. Although he brought forth very compelling evidence ( including photos & videos ) of this incredible encounter, many legitimate questions were raised regarding Dr. Reed and the case, and the subsequent book, " Likn - An Extraterrestrial Odyssey ".

So.. There were many questions !!! But, insteand of peoplejust investigating the case, ut immediately generated some of the most vicious in-fighting and charater assassinations ever seen in the UFO field. And this situation continues to this day. However, 3 researchers did take on the challenge to find answers to the questions. They quietly investigated for over a year, and last September, shared their findings with the congress. It was another 3 hour, landmark congress presentation. The evidence they presented was astonishing, It asnwered some of the most important questions in the case. ( The Three investigators were Dan Iaria, Dan McEvoy, Jaime Maussan. )

A sampling of some of the new information covered in today's presentation :

· Results of soil sample analysis of the encounter site done by Dr. Zohar, Director at the Nuclear Medicine Research and Developement Hospital.

·Extensive dissection of the video footage to compare for consistency with the sequence of events as told by Dr. Reed in prior testimony.

·Additional seguements of the video also shouwing the creature openining and closing eyes

·Film roll dating process of the negatives.
FULL PLAYLIST of "The most compelling evidence of an Alien Encounter to date" you can watch here >>> www.youtube.com/Acebryan7oXx#grid/user/13075CC4DF644EB8

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