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ARYAN HERITAGE CALLED KAMA SUTRA IS THE OPPOSITE TEACHING TO OCCULT ABRAHAMIC RELIGIOUS DOCTRINE - THE DOCTRINE OF ORIGINAL SIN. "Therefore, just as through one person sin entered the world, and through sin, death, and thus death came to all, inasmuch as all sinned..." Romans 5:12. THIS IS THE ANCIENT OSIRIAN IDEOLOGY OR THE OCCULT DOCTRINE OF ABSOLUTELY ALL ABRAHAMIC (OSIRIAN) RELIGIONS. Have you ever thought why the world needs Messiah? Have you ever thought about why do you need the salvation and from what/whom in particular? Have you ever thought from where THE ORIGINAL SIN IDEOLOGY came from? IN ITS OWN MATRIX THE ORIGINAL SIN FORMULA is pretty occult but very simple to decipher. In order to understand God (and everything IT includes) you need a salvation, to have a salvation you need redemption, to be redeemed and to be saved you definitely need THE SAVIOR. Since mortal human cannot save, the future Savior must be immortal, thus Savior becomes to be a GOD. Savior MUST BE REVEALED, SAVIOR MUST HAVE THE ADVERSARY, since without one SAVIOR WOULD NOT BE A SAVIOR (no reason in salvation), in addition Savior must be revealed by/in GENEALOGY and BLOODLINE. Sounds familiar? Behind the described above HOAX is the SIMPLEST MATHEMATICAL ALGORITHM that is widely used in programming - [...if, then...], where if you agree to at least one [...if,] sub-assembly, you HAVE TO AGREE [then...] TO THE WHOLE ASSEMBLY OF CREATED ALGORITHM. In another words - YOU MUST ACCEPT THE NOTION THAT BEING BORN IS ALREADY SIN. By doing deep research of the antediluvian civilizations (behind Adam Genesis story is description of crossbreeding and NOT CREATION OF THE FIRST HUMAN) it is very easy to find out that Aryan civilization that spread up to the Indus Valley Saraswati, Sumer, Ethiopia and Egypt brought a set of completely different HUMAN VALUES with their cosmogony, understanding the structure of the Universe(s) and laws that keep it intact. Aryans had a GNOSIS OF TRINITARIAN MANIFESTATION OF THE ABSOLUTE POWER(S), ENERGY(IES) THAT OPERATE IN THE KNOWN UNIVERSES & THEIR MANIFESTATION AS HUMAN ENTITIES (SUPREME MUST UNDERSTAND SELF ALSO) HERE ON OUR AND OTHER PLANETS IN MILKY WAY GALAXY, WHICH THEY CALLED HOME & INFINITELY FURTHER (symbol of that gnosis was Swastika). Aryans knew about the manifestation of the ABSOLUTE POWER in three states - BRAHMA (РАМХА) - PRIMORDIAL LIGHT, VISHNU (ВЫШНИЙ) - THE HIGHEST (SUPREME) and SIVA or SHIVA (ЖИВА) - CREATOR & DESTROYER (FORCE) IN MATERIAL REALM WE KNOW. From here derived borrowed Christian concept of Trinity (Hebrews borrowed Trinitarian concept also as it described in Targum תרגום‎ about plurality of Elohim-[EL-AUM] אֱלהִים - people are still confused why ONE GOD Elohim is "plural" in Genesis). The gnosis Aryans possessed is called GENOTHEISM, where in Sanskrit and Slavic Aryan Runic Vedas it stated THAT HUMANS WERE BORN FROM GODS OR THE LOWER MANIFESTATION OF THAT SUPREME ABSOLUTE POWER OR SHIVA (ЖИВА) WHICH ABRAHAMIC RELIGIONS LATER STARTED TO CALL GOD. By Aryan Vedic teachings TO BE BORN IS THE HIGHEST GIFT THAT CAN BE GIVEN TO YOU IN ORDER TO BE TRAINED IN MATERIAL WORLD YAV' (ЯВЬ) FOR THE SELF REALIZATION IN HIGHER REALMS CALLED SLAV' (СЛАВЬ from here derives the name SLAV or SLAVIC) and PRAV' (ПРАВЬ). The KAMA SUTRA IS THE TEACHING ABOUT SIVA-SHIVA (ЖИВА) OR THE CREATION OF LIFE. THERE IS NO ORIGINAL SIN, NEVER WAS & NEVER WILL BE. This is the secret of the ABRAHAMIC (Anti-Brahm) Osirian matrix. The whole Osirian-Abrahamic DOGMA was invented for THE DESTRUCTION OF HUMAN IDENTITY OF SELF & DEEP OCCULT CONTROL OF HUMAN MIND/PSYCHE. It is really irrelevant to mention all names that we can find in Torah, Bible, Quran, Book of Mormon, etc to identify what god is real - it is all DOGMATIC OSIRIAN (not human) DOGMA. SOME HISTORICAL FACTS: The following presentation is about described above Aryan heritage called KAMA SUTRA, which is the TEACHING ABOUT CREATIVE FORCE OF LIFE ITSELF - THE MANIFESTATION OF SIVA-SHIVA (ЖИВА). Please pay less attention to the modern "sex slang" by narrator, always check and read in between lines. Another interesting fact - attention should be paid to the description of how Abrahamic religions tried to destroy temples, statues, inscriptions when they invaded India. Suffice it to say that a lot if not all Sivait Kama Sutra temples in India were built by Aryans well before 12,000 BC and 7,000 BC (on mentioned "Kama Sutra" temples sites identical construction techniques were found - as in Tiahuanaco, Machu Picchu, etc), and gradually were destroyed by Osirian invaders. This presentation is passive comparative analysis (for one who can see) of two FORCES - VEDANTA (SHIVAISM) & OSIRIANISM (JUDAISM, CHRISTIANITY, ISLAM, MORMONISM, ETC) - KAMA SUTRA & THE DOCTRINE OF ORIGINAL SIN.

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