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UFO Sky/Space Serpent from Wormhole?


Posted by youtube user: RayneMarina

Skip to 0:50 if you get bored of the sun 3:47 a better clear view
the last part gets better see more info

UFO? WORMHOLE? you judge
i took this video after a bike ride, as i like watching and taking pictures of the sunset i happened to have a camera with me, not a video camera though
the quality is not great that is why I'm not editing it, so not to make it worse,
i was kinda familiar with wormholes, however never saw one before... the thing actually looks like a white wiggly worm..
well, that could mean anything, however it is still an UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT
i might do an audio-swap, the clicking you hear is the zoom-in zoom-auto of the camera.

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  • Pauldamo#

    Pauldamo February 28, 2010 4:18:15 AM CET

    always wondered why they called them wormholes.

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