Christ - Conscience gives you peace of mind in thi

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Christ - Conscience gives you peace of mind in this crook world of Mammon - 3. Country which are dominated by Mammon or are rich, there you will find mostly crooks and hypocrites ready to fleece you. It is only in the poor countries or villages you will find people with Conscience or salt of the earth. The Punjab, India is the Epicentre of the crook people and over there the relatives of those over here are fleecing their very close relatives who could be easily lured into the net. I have been victim of this net when in 1987, my real sister hatched a plan with the backing of the family to cheat me of my landed property. So, far I have been fighting the case and still it is hanging in the courts. Over here in Britain, my crafty neighbour created boundary problem and three surveyors that I hire gave my land to the neighbour. Council and the Ombudsman accepted the surveyor's report that I refuted. So, this country is no better. Only countries that are better are those where the people have tribal integrity and they uphold their tribal honours or remain salt of earth.

Never mind. For the Peace of Mind give your Tunic please.

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