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When Rabbis were efficient, people had law and ord

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When Rabbis were efficient, people had law and order. Dark Age is of Christ Jesus and of God-2. Hi,
Here is the Poster that you need to understand why in Jesus, we forgive those who do wrong to us? Here is the link to the Poster:-
This Poster is very important to understand why Christ Jesus took a Virgin Birth as well. Adam is a Noble Man or the Salt of Earth and those who build their covenant with Adam or Abraham in short are Noble Men or the salt of the earth who have conscience. Whilst those who break their covenant with Abraham are called saltless people with no conscience but the fanatics.Temple Rabbis were making Jews of the physical body rather than of the heart and John, the Baptist called them a Brood of Vipers as in ego, they killed the people. When the Rabbis were good, then people used to get justice and there were no injustices or troubles as people observed in the Gentile villages whilst the crooks flourished in Jerusalem. That is why the Samaritans did not wanted to know Christ Jesus for he was mistaken to represent the crook Jews. Samaritans were aware of the crook Jews as people are aware of a snake who can strike you at any time.

Please make Posters or write articles in spirit to understand Gospel. No effort; no gain.

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