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7/7/7 Ripple Effect 4- 4

  • Ghis1964
  • uploaded: Apr 12, 2008
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  • Ghis1964#

    Ghis1964 September 1, 2009 10:07:50 AM CEST

    Hi,This is for everyone.Yeah I'm not here often at all.I'm searching everything and even the far fetched ones. Then I leave the bones aside until a better understanding comes along to make me see whats left to bite in them and not waste time or ideas. I've watch almost everything that anyone have come up with;Icke, Maxwell, Jones, Freeman, Tsarion, Horowitz, Rick Clay, Flynn, Braden, Tesla, Deyo, Greer, Beck, Wilhelm Reich, Viktor Schauberger, Hoagland, Tom Bearden, John Bedini, Stubblefield, Jose Escamilla, Cooper, and maybe 30 other peoples. Project Camelot has lots of them too.From ancient 60000 years old history to new energy from the vacuum research. From the sun-god and religions to UFOs. From the sons of gods to the rulers we have today and its economics. From ancient priesthood and shamanism to the drug-wars and who benefits from it. From the NAZI to NASA. From the masons to Builderburgs. Everyone of those topics are intertwinedingly working for the same goal, giving us the mess we have today, and if we let them, the worst is yet to come. Why it is a mess? By leaving our responsibilities to others, we have let ourselves blindly been ruled by superstitions and fears, and leaving them all the powers, freedom, pleasures and peace we had. Yet, they still want more, and we are at the "take back what's ours" time. Kennedy was working to us that opportunity (No, it's not gonna be obama). Kennedy was even working secretly with Khrushchev to trow down the iron curtain and go on the moon all together. Kennedy knew everything about the black opps and he told Khrushchev about it all, Khrushchev could hardly believe Kennedy, but went with its guts and agree. When the "Spider" figured out what was happening, Kennedy and Khrushchev were both removed from power each in the respective way we partly know today.The "lie" is big, really big. Even the space we are told to be desert is a big country, almost a big city that we were even a part of in ancient time. As I heard, we've falsely led into a war and destroyed a complete civilization in our own solar system which became the asteroid belt, perhaps both of those belt. Peaceful aliens have a pretty darn good reason to wait for us to learn the truth. Malevolent aliens have been on this planet for a really long time. In fact, I've always find it kind of hard to see that we left our banana tree and go to the moon in 100000 years lap of time, while reptiles have been here for 650 times longer than us, giving them plenty of time to leave and come back whenever they choose. And plenty of time to play "groundhog civilization" with us if that's the case again, if they have not themselves been tempered with by others in those times.Simply take the last 5 years of the technology "we know of" today, and multiply it by 650. Where would we be.At school, they teach us how to multiply and tells us "what" to multiply. Not beyond. They even carve our thought process to the way they themselves have been carved to think, to make sure that we would in noway dare to go beyond.Yes again, the lie is big. The time for truth is now. The revolution will be in the way we think, not in another fight or war.I see peace and real freedom ahead.PeaceGhis

  • Ghis1964#

    Ghis1964 September 1, 2009 10:03:03 AM CEST

    thx,read the reply I left above to everyone in my own comment box and also Theblackdouglas's comment box.

  • Ghis1964#

    Ghis1964 September 1, 2009 10:02:57 AM CEST

    thx,read the reply I left above to everyone in my own comment box and also Theblackdouglas's comment box.

  • Ghis1964#

    Ghis1964 September 1, 2009 8:00:21 AM CEST

    The whole "lie" is so big, it goes so deep, and has been going on for so long (we can say 60000 years or "more")I have looked around every research we can all find. All those different topics are related with the same goal; to have us destroy ourselves.You want understanding of things, search everything and even the ones you might think too far fetch. As you go along, you'll be able to discard the bones (that are been put there so that we waist our time shewing or shocking on em)It is all a personal quest. I could tell you everything all at once, but you would discard me so quickly, and keep-on shewing on things at their first level.Somehow, I felt from the moment I start searching 911 that I had to stop complying to the system. And at that time, I was not at all interested in 911. I was wondering why people kept on talking about it and thought they were insane.And its been two years of searching, and watching, and reading, 24/7, ever since.Yes, I have stop working. You'll understand why in your search, I don't need to say more about that.I'm not gonna tell you where to start, you already did. However, I will tell you to go much deeply and further than the picture you see right now.And I can tell you that the only way out of this "global world" mess is to stop complying at every level there is.No matter how down and dark things might look to you as you uncover your eyes, just don't ever give up.Cause you will find that "religions" are the first stepping stone to their conspiracy. The real meaning of them have been distorted in order to made everyone feel guilty of even breathing. This is no joke matter at all.Even Jesus was telling people not to comply to the political and religious rules, but to follow our heart because Gods nature is there. What have we done since, absolutely nothing. We have let ourselves being led by man's rules (politics and religious) into the mess we're in.We are not in this world to learn, but to remember. Because we come from the "All Knowing" and go back and forth to him any second we choose. Every thoughts, dreams, dimensions, densities of universes and its being are made by him. We are here experience everything without limit with its wisdom. When we say God is perfect, it also means that he does not need any plan or servants. He already has everything. All we have to do is to live and be free.No I'm not religious. I'm totally against any form of group-think enclosure. And there is so much more but I have to stop and let you do your work on your own. If you're able to work with others and that they are all really open, then good.It will be easier to help others. As Bill Cooper said; "It is not easy knowing what I know and watch everyone else bumbling around as you try to tell them anything when they think they know it, but don't have any understanding of what this imply"Don't pray him. Listen to him. He already know what you'll ask him, when your heart works for the better of everyone, including the worst one.Again, it is the only way to freedom.I see peace and real freedom ahead;)PeaceGhis

  • Theblackdouglas#

    Theblackdouglas July 7, 2009 3:46:58 AM CEST

    as the others said m8 -very well put together" pity we didnt have it a couple o years back or so but once again ty".I remember it all happening and supposedly explained" just like 9/11 was supposedly explained all very strangely and wrongly put together, which jsut made me think from the off , I especially remember the jean charles demendez" incident cause he was teh cousin of an old frind from total war known as kingkrusher" and i can still remember our chats on that yet.Sadly tho as u say no one ever comes forward with the thruth or as u also say maybe they did and thats why they were taken out , only truth we know is we are lied too constantly from day one" from teh bible aka early laws n rules too now".Also liked ur kinda zeitgeist ending" and id like too end by saying qoute" president bush seniour" if the people knew what we were doing they d hang us from the lamposts in the street"!Which btw i think its high time we thought on"id love to oget tony blair in a dark room n torture that bastard for hours on end" wi my boiling hot tar bucket to okeep teh fucker alive after id chopped his fingers n toes off before carrying on further " until i was happy wi the lies" i mean truth" he says"!ps Hail The Freman"!

  • Drjak#

    Drjak December 16, 2008 7:04:27 PM CET

    you are very clever!i congratulate you on a job well done.please try and get this messege to the people!!london and its people and all the lives lost in 7/7 deserve the truth.

  • Rubberbump#

    Rubberbump June 22, 2008 3:05:26 PM CEST

    A brilliant and calm way of getting the point across.cheers for that one .!!

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