Chile and Japan Skies Lit Up Like a Christmas Tree

  • Uploaded by Kanaeta on Mar 1, 2010
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Chile and Japan Skies Lit Up Like a Christmas Tree All caused by Haarp?

this is the strongest proof that Haarp caused the Earthquake in Chile and Japan, You all are going to witness the must powerful display that Haarp has ever been caught on video besides the Chile Volcano eruptions May 2, 2008 yo all are going to see the sky over Chile Light up like Armageddon and you will see a large orange ring over Chile and even reporters admitting that the sky even changed colors during the earthquake this is amazing footage please view this video and upload it share it comment on it and get the truth out the US Government is attacking countries with a electromagnetic weapon called Haarp. Such as Haiti, Sichuan China, all caught on tape that people would call a lie and call us a conspiracy theorist. Ignore those blind idiots and push for the truth that the world must hear and get in order to save their lives! We are all on a race against time and the push for a global warfare has been waged.
By HAvf8 @ youtube

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