Marriage of Son:Gospel is received by the grace of

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Marriage of Son:Gospel is received by the grace of our Father. No christ in yourheart, no Gospel-6.

Marriage of the Son.

Christ Jesus is the anointed Son of God eternal like our Father. He is also representing our Mother Holy Spirit as the Anointed Daughter. Our Mother or Shakti Holy Spirit could also be analogized to the Tongue of our Father delivering to us His Word. So, our Father does not speak but our Mother Holy Spirit does to Feed us the Living Bread. That is why on the Baptism of Jesus by John, the Baptist, our Mother Holy Spirit proclaimed on behalf of our Father that He is my beloved Son that people should listen to Him. And the Baptism of John was for those who proclaimed their tribal father openly. That is, for those who knew that Jew is a spiritual self and not the physical self that the Temple Priests were making the people. Such Jews of the physical self are the sons of Satan, the Tares that are bundled up now in Israel for Final Burning expected to be in 2012. So, Jesus was born of the Virgin of Judah tribe by the Power of our Mother Holy Spirit Who spoke to Mary the Will of our Father.

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