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"A documentary that i think beats Zeitgeist!"

Wwoh! Forget you read that first phrase. That was from where I got this file.

This is way beyond Zeitgeist, Endgame, and all others alike 20 times over. And believe me, I've seen more than my share of those NWO docu-vids. This one here reafirms the beliefs I have had for quiet some times now. Because this time, as I was watching this, I had a bunch of questions and doubts, that I wanted to put in this comment here, as they were building-up.

But I won't mention any of them now. As I got to the end, it made me realise that there were simply no question to ask ever, only one answer to give, or where it was, so to speak.

This belief, as I said, has been told to me time and time again in my life, and I'm sure that the same has been told to you too; the answer is within. The only thing that can be shout out loud, if it ever needs to, is that the answer is within you, within me, within ourself. It was a secret only because we don't listen to our own self (its true we've all been mostly "condition" not to).
So stop searching for it out-side of you or simply, in reverse. Hey, don't you see that "own" in reverse becomes "nwo".
Besides, don't we really "win" only because we "believe" that we win, no-matter what was the out-come?

One last thing, although this can be hard sometime, God will lay in front of you those who are ready to listen.
And here is the torrent link (70mins to download);


Back to the original description;

Lot of stuff being shown and documented. You decide wether it's true or false. I liked the documentary. Some things I
knew, some things I did not.

It relates to religion, money, new world order, humanity's goal, astronmy, astrology... and so on and so forth.
You can also find the movie on google video or on youtube, just though I'd share it anyway for those that did not know about the movie.

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