Alan Watts on Human Consciousness

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Alan Watts on Human Consciousness

You cannot have negative without positive, nor positive without negative.
You cannot have dark without light, it's the absense of light that gives dark its meaning.
You cannot have the peak of a wave, without the trough of a wave.
You cannot have some thing without no thing
One extremity gives the other extremity it's existence.

But positive and negative energies co-exist.
And it's thinking, that both positive and negative co-exist in every human being, regardless of what labels and descriptive nouns they have attached to themselves in the form of an "ego", a "personality type", a caricature of what it means to be "them", as a seperate entity.
No human is a fixed entity, though they often like to think that they are, in the way that they like to categorise themselves.
They like to exist in a box. A bubble. A definition. And most of the time they like to believe the best about themselves... but... I would argue that all creatures have a light and a dark side and to deny the existence of one or the other is to be deluding oneself, pretending.... as everyone does, in some way or another.

Here's Alan Watts confronting the truth of what you are.... infinite

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