NIBIRU-Presence on the Moon-part1

  • Uploaded by Nibiru on Mar 14, 2010
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Moon, like other bodies in our solar system has been worked out for hundred thousands if not millions of years by much older than our civilisation that of Nibirians, known by ancient people as Annunaki. It should not be surprising that there are enormously huge structures on the Moon in form of Tunnels, Shafts or Towers but none in form of square Buildings, Roads or other familiar to Humans…Moon doe’s not support life forms known to us. But there are plenty of useful minerals to be collected from Moon. Their robots known to us as Greys, Greens or else did have lot of time to build those mining structures. The robots do not need food, air, water or even sleep… just work… and monitor on our behaviour… the Judgement Day is around the corner…the Nibirians are not far away…think about it…

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