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Jesus risen:Jesus who rose from the dead and NOT C

  • Nijjhar
  • uploaded: Mar 24, 2010
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Jesus risen:Jesus who rose from the dead and NOT Christ. Jesus risen and not Universal Christ.1.
Hi Brethren,

Just to make a correction. It is the Body of Jesus which has different limbs working together as one and the Blood of Christ is His Word which is Universal. Blood has no parts like the Body.

Different parts mean the different spiritual gifts that people exploit in serving God. Some are good at feeding Brethren, some healing people through medicines, etc. All those works for the benefit of humanity and to further righteousness are in the name of our Father in honour of our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus.

Blood is of Christ and that is His Word, which is Universal as blood is universal. Most people are confused with these two terms and that reflect how much they understand Gospel.

So, it was not the Christ who was risen but His Physical astral Body and that was of Jesus. Christ stands for His Word and it was in the beginning and forever. As blood is life giving and so is Christ in you is life giving that makes you solitary and salvation.

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  • Flemo#

    Flemo March 25, 2010 8:59:09 AM CET

    for a self-proclaimed enlightened individual, you sure have a foul mouth and offensive attitude.

  • Nijjhar#online

    Nijjhar March 24, 2010 11:33:41 PM CET

    Stupid man if you do not understand the difference between Christ anbd jesus, why don't you keep your mouth dhut?

  • Flemo#

    Flemo March 24, 2010 5:11:59 PM CET

    more ramblings of a madman

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