Invisable WW3 Started on 9-11-2001 p8

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Invisable WW3 Started on 9-11-2001 p8
Ufos, aliens, illuminati, nwo, 911, money control, mind control are all connected to this war.
Called "Operation Mind Control"
This is just part 7 of 11parts. Must carefully listen to all 11 parts in order to come to realization of this fact.
Project Camelot Interview with James Martinez 30th November 2009.
James Martinez was a business colleague and close confidant of Walter Bowart - the author of the groundbreaking, whistleblowing

book Operation Mind Control published back in 1978.
We learned from James how Bowart, who died two years ago, in many ways 'regretted' having written the book - and how he had had

profound ET contact: something never before revealed, and which he had been unwilling to talk about when he was alive. We learned

of his philosophy, his hope for the human race, and his awareness of the importance of the expansion of consciousness. James

summed it up by stating that for Walter, it was all about the liberation of the Human Spirit. Amen.
The entire 11part series can also be watch here on Youtube:
Highly recommended listening! (A real education for us sheeple seeking answers)
The good news is the nwo probable destiny is that it will loose this war.

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