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I don't know


Socrates was said to be the wises because he knew he did not know.
Paul Lowe on conditioning
Paul's view of the world and its future encourages us beyond what we normally think of as possible or impossible. From his own comprehensive world-wide experiences, he shares about every possible subject. In addition to more abstract subject matters, he addresses everyday issues: sexuality, relationships, parenting, health, finance, career, and communication.
One of the best responses to situations is "I don't know".
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  • Harryjackson#

    Harryjackson April 4, 2010 10:30:40 PM CEST

    Well said. You have to uneducate yourself,and cast of the flags and tribal identity,and alot more than that before you can see a bigger picture. And even when you do and they think your crazy and some kind of traitor to your country because you say soldiers are blind followers who are mind controled. You Still Dont Know. But you know what your notand this makes your alone,but its the only way to TRUTH.

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