Journey to 1stEden, Atlantis of the Mediterranean

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Voyage to 1st Eden(38,000 years)with Robert Sarmast, the Atlantis of the Mediterranean.

Part of the beginnings.

We have to DO this again and verify Dilmun/Babel, revealing the city of the fallen Gods and further to the South, Dalamatia City, the first Atlantis of the Persian Gulf which began 500,000 and was destroyed 300,000 years ago.

The first Beginning, the End comes from the beginning.

A major verification is possible verifying the ancient cities of the Tree of Life and including false Atlantis, Dilmun/Babel the perpetrator of Ritual, the dulling and reduction of man's mind and soul.

We have made the breakthrough, yes we have, not can but have.

It all comes from the Abyss, the revealing and its all in the the Bible but the cities are guided by the Urantia Book and the Universal Government of the Sovereign Jesus.

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