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Neo-Cons Defend Massacre Of Iraqi Journalists, Children

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bloodthirsty neo-cons who would defend barbecuing Arab babies on the White House lawn if they were told it was part of the war on terror are disgracefully scrambling to defend a shocking video released by Wikileaks which shows U.S. Apache helicopters massacring Iraqi journalists and children in Baghdad while laughing about it.

The newly released video of the Baghdad attacks was recorded on one of two Apache helicopters hunting for insurgents on 12 July 2007, reports the Guardian. Among the dead were a 22-year-old Reuters photographer, Namir Noor-Eldeen, and his driver, Saeed Chmagh, 40. The Pentagon blocked an attempt by Reuters to obtain the video through a freedom of information request. Wikileaks director Julian Assange said his organisation had to break through encryption by the military to view it.

The video shows the journalists openly walking down the middle of the street with tripods and video cameras while talking to other Iraqis and preparing to set up filming.

Claiming the men are carrying RPG rocket grenade launchers, the Apache pilots indiscriminately open fire on the group, before firing again at people who attempt to rescue the dying men. The rescuers van, which is seen to contain at least two children, is blown to pieces as the soldiers laugh and chuckle, Hahaha. I hit em, and Oh yeah, look at those dead bastards.

One of the men on the ground, believed to be Chmagh, is seen wounded and trying to crawl to safety. One of the helicopter crew is heard wishing for the man to reach for a gun, even though there is none visible nearby, so he has the pretext for opening fire: All you gotta do is pick up a weapon. A van draws up next to the wounded man and Iraqis climb out. They are unarmed and start to carry the victim to the vehicle in what would appear to be an attempt to get him to hospital. One of the helicopters opens fire with armour-piercing shells. Look at that. Right through the windshield, says one of the crew. Another responds with a laugh. Sitting behind the windscreen were two children who were wounded.

Shortly after, a U.S. Humvee drives over one of the dead bodies. I think they just drove over a body, one of the pilots says, while chuckling.


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