Weatherman Confirmes US Military Sprays Chemicals!

  • Uploaded by Kingz on Apr 10, 2010
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OK this has to be in my top video's of chemtrail proof... He clearly states that the military have at least been putting: alluminoids, metals, fibers, iodide, etc... in the sky for long time > and according to his words, it is merely used for radar penetration technology, and scrambling tests.

Although there is many proof, even published articles from Nature about geoengineering to combat global warming / climate change...

Not even to speak of the fact > BIOLOGICAL / CHEMICAL Warfare tests!!!
(and don't say they would never use that on civilians, they did it at least untill the late 90's which has been made public)

FOR MORE INFO > and how the European Parlement is going to Investigate the Chemtrail Phenomenom, check the forum:

So for all the debunkers out there... this is just another piece of the pie! And your all welcome to negotiate your downfall ;)

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