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Crazy UFO Indonesia TV News!!

  • Pindz
  • uploaded: Apr 11, 2010
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  • Theyear2010#

    Theyear2010 April 18, 2010 11:20:04 PM CEST

    need translation indeed. video is too fuzzy to see any string attached to that thing cuz this look like one of those religion celebration event and some people does go out of their way to create lies to promote their religion.

  • Charlesw#

    Charlesw April 12, 2010 12:18:20 AM CEST

    The top of the disk is acting like a fluttering bag of air. Or is it an emmision of some sort . Very strange indeed!

  • Acee22#

    Acee22 April 11, 2010 8:49:58 PM CEST

    looks like face in clouds

  • Johns#

    Johns April 11, 2010 10:09:11 AM CEST

    dont no wot to make of that wish i cud understand wot there saying

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