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Lost Civilizations & The Supernatural Pt.11/11

  • Dmtshaman
  • uploaded: Apr 11, 2010
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Author and investigator Graham Hancock discussed his research of lost civilizations, ancient global cataclysms, and consciousness, as well as his new novel Entangled, which deals with time travel, NDEs, and the supernatural. History's past has been hidden from us, particularly as you go back further than 5,000 years ago, he commented. "I think there's been a huge forgotten episode in human history...all the myths and traditions of a great lost civilization destroyed in a huge cataclysm leaving only a very few survivors...are absolutely true," he said, noting that it was "a time when something so horrendous happened to the Earth and humanity that our memory banks were virtually completely wiped."

These cataclysmic events took place at the end of the last Ice Age, around 12,000 years ago, with gigantic ice sheets melting sometimes quite rapidly, creating waves that reached 600 feet high, he detailed. This led to a 30 ft. rise in sea level, with massive land areas (estimated to be the size of the whole of Europe and China) swallowed by the sea. During this time, there were also huge spikes in seismic and volcanic activity, with mass extinctions, and a "global winter" that may have lasted 800-900 years, Hancock said, adding that we might be the next "lost civilization" if similar climate/earth changes occur again.

His new book Entangled features a plot line in which two characters from different time periods, one current day, the other from the Stone Age, are able to communicate with each other through consciousness in order to stop the actions of an evil supernatural entity who appears in both time frames. The first four chapters of the book are available for free online, along with videos of Hancock reading selections.

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  • Nelle1973#

    Nelle1973 April 11, 2010 12:08:18 PM CEST

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  • Havel1966#

    Havel1966 April 11, 2010 12:01:43 PM CEST

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