Sheriff tells farmers to arm themselves

  • Uploaded by Kanaeta on Apr 12, 2010
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Don't ignore the REAL Drug War! Sheriff tells farmers to arm themselves

The brave Sheriff of Hudspeth County, Texas, has told his rural residents to start arming themselves. They are in a crisis situation because of the Mexican drug war between various cartels fighting for power and market share spilling across the border with Sheriff Arvin West's county. It's called "Peace through strength.:" The drug gangs may keep their skirmishes South of the border once they know they may meet great resistance from those property owners along and North of the border.

God bless you, Sheriff West! I uploaded this video for your benefit so that the message gets out - not just to people in your country, but to the scum just to your South. I pray for your safety in the REAL drug war! Good time to take advantage of the 2nd Amendment! This is why we have it!

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