Nazi Police KILL 9/11 TRUTH Free Speech part 4/4

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WeAreChangeSA — April 12, 2010 — We Are Change San Antonio-
File a complaint to PARK POLICE:(210) 207-8590
officer mainez #9846

part 1/4
part 3/4
part 4/4:

Alamo Park Police encounter, Alamo Park Police literally make up laws and rules to stop us from handing out "FREE DVDS" on our 9/11 Truth, 11th of the month, street action.

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For TTY assistance, call 210-207-8480 (V/TTY).
For Non-Emergency, call (210)207-7273

(210) 207-8590

San Antonio city code:

Sec. 28-161. - Prohibition of portable signs.

It shall be unlawful to intentionally place or display, or cause to be placed or displayed, any portable sign on any premises other than at a properly zoned storage area of one properly licensed under this chapter unless it has been registered in accordance with section 28-162.

After some research I found this court case regarding "portable signs" in San Antonio:

A portable sign is defined in the City Code as:

"any sign designed or constructed to be easily moved from one location to another, including signs mounted upon or designed to be mounted on a trailer, wheeled carriage, or other nonmotorized mobile structure. A portable sign which has its wheels removed shall still be considered a portable sign."

Ok.. so then at at the very bottom of that page:

"15 - We note that the City has pointed out that "San Antonio has special exemptions to address political and other non-commercial speech within its sign ordinances."
-Brief of Appellant at 11

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