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This 7 part series is packed with great enlightenment type info plus many great pictures!!!
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April 16, 2010 — Sacred Mysteries Films Production Company president, author, producer, researcher Jay Weidner on a groundbreaking interview April 2010 coast to coast am radio show. Relates his research on ancient history and who has been in control of civilization on earth for millenia running. Pre Veda texts disclose much overlooked mystery of where we came from as well as what took place etc. MUST HEAR to believe, perhaps research more for your edification and expansion on this and other subjects. EXPLAINS A GREAT DEAL OF WHAT S GOING ON NOW ! Pass it on as much as you can.. The time has come to be free from tyranny and progress to be more of our true potential !

- We are infinite spiritual beings.
- There really is no death.
- Karma effects.
- We are our own judge.
- Reincarnation.
- Life Review.

- Life review details.
- The near death experience tunnel phenomenom.
- Reconition of infinite spirutuallity removes the fear paradigm forced upon us.
- Patriodic protesting is now being replaced by planetary "ptb" protesting.

- Slaves and slave masters.
- Our fear based civilization structure is not needed and will go away.
(The destructions, starvation, polution, poverty, wars etc ...)
- Secrets we are not saposed to know.
- Bumpy roads ahead, but optimistically we will win.
- CME Cronal Mass Ejections
- Mars connections.
- Caves and underground.

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