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Psychopaths, Soulless, Greys & 2012

  • Gostrider
  • uploaded: Apr 20, 2010
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  • Minihaha#

    Minihaha April 20, 2010 3:47:12 PM CEST

    I had a dream that was so vivid, it was of this person? getting called into a little room, he had a choice of 17 different profiles of people on different screens, there was general info of each, like there family. Everything was completely emotionless, the person said it didn't matter, but I thought it was a lie because then the person would just pick the first person. he then decided on one and went into a chamber and there was this blue white rushing light and as soon as I saw the light, I felt his emotion like he was gleeful and made a good pick, almost like he had gotten away with some little secret. It was the contrast of lack of emotion to feeling emotion which sticks in my mind.

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