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April 19, 2010 — NEW UPDATE!!! Aaron is free!! Thanks to all those who called our local police state representatives to speed up his release. 5:00am 4/20/10

UPDATE!!!! We are on our way to pick up Aaron Time stamp 2:35 am CST.

Aaron waited until it was question time and rather that sit through the pre-selected controlled media questions. Aaron wanted to know about the Downing Street Memo and how it proves the administration knew that Sadam was not a threat and there was no reason to go to war with a country that was not attacking us. But that would go against Karl's revisionist history. So he told Aaron to Shut up and sit down. Aaron was arrested and charged with "Disrupting a meeting or precession" Campus Police made the arrest their number is 512-471-4441, the need to explain why members of the media are being arrested.

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