Newt Gingrich: Tea Party Will Become “Militant” Fa

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Newt Gingrich: Tea Party Will Become “Militant” Faction of Republican Party

April 22, 2010 — Washington, DC - Former Republican Speaker Newt Gingrich said Tea Party activists are likely to end us as the militant wing of the Republican Party. Now the media can stop pretending that the Tea Party is a mainstream grassroots organization. Nearly every speech from a Tea Party stage or poster in the crowd targets President Obama with a fervor never before seen in this country. Nazi, Communist, socialist, fascist, tyrannical un-American - and maliciously out to destroy American. Yet media argue about the true nature of the Tea Party often claiming members are moderates. Apparently media bias and herd mentality prevent mainstream media from properly challenging conservative talking points that claim otherwise. Look for anti-Bush signs of this magnitude and you will likely discover the source was foreign and not American anti-Bush protests. During the Bush years you could be arrested for wearing an anti-Bush T-shirt.
More about Gingrichs statements from Think Progress: Reading a selection of questions to the former Speaker, [Manufacturers' Association of South Central Pennsylvania executive director Mike Smeltzer] asked Gingrich about the future of the conservative group.
Gingrich said the movement is a natural expression of frustration with Republicans and anger at Democrats, which is more likely to end up as the militant wing of the Republican Party than as an independent or third party.
Opinion based on various news reports, attendance at five Tea Party events and a featured segment from MSNBC Countdown.

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