They Are Misleading You

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Dr. Norman Geisler writes, "The first real parallel of a dying and rising god does not appear until A.D. 150, more than a hundred years after the origin of Christianity.

Dr. Gary Habermas and Dr. J.P. Moreland write, "Not one clear case of any alleged resurrection teaching appears in any pagan text before the late second century A.D., almost one hundred years after the New Testament was written."

Charlie Campbell says, "To insist that Jesus Christ is a myth—that He never existed—as the Zeitgeist movie does, is foolish. Beside the twenty seven New Testament documents that verify He lived, there are thirty nine sources outside of the Bible, written within 150 years of Jesus life that mention Him. These sources include the Jewish Talmud, the Roman historian Tacitus, the Didache, Flavius Josephus, Pliny the Younger, Suetonius, the Gnostic gospels (e.g., the gospel of Thomas), etc. These extrabiblical sources reveal to us more than 100 facts about His life, teaching, death and even resurrection."


From the creator of the video: "Why the direct attack on Christianity in Zeitgeist The Movie Part 1 (part one on religion)? It insinuates that the story of Jesus is merely a drop in the bucket of many saviors with the same story. That they were all born on Dec 25th, crucified, ressurected etc...

I found it SHOCKING! Sooooo shocking that I spent a month and a half of my life researching the valididty and sources of the claims and this is what I found.

I want to extend a personal thank you to my friend Drakul from the David Icke forums, for lighting the spark."

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