UFO Disclosure 2010 - Steven Bassett Part 2-3

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UFO Disclosure 2010 - Steven Bassett - (18th April 2010) Part 2-3 April 22, 2010 — 18 April 2010 - Exopolitical activist Stephen Bassett talked about UFO disclosure as well as two major conferences coming to Washington later this year. On the s...

UFO Disclosure 2010 - Steven Bassett - (18th April 2010) Part 2-3

April 22, 2010 — 18 April 2010 - Exopolitical activist Stephen Bassett talked about UFO disclosure as well as two major conferences coming to Washington D.C. later this year. On the subject of UFO disclosure, he alleged that the "truth embargo is hanging by a thread" and that "disclosure is inevitable and soon." Citing the vast number of countries that have released UFO files, Bassett said that "the ability of the US to contain this is evaporating." In looking at how disclosure may come about, he surmised that President Obama would be chosen, by the "powers that be," to reveal the truth about UFOs, rather than initiating the announcement himself. Bassett also previewed the two conferences he is holding in Washington D.C. later this year. He noted that the X-Conference, coming in May, will be the first ET/UFO conference to be held at the National Press Club, which is mere blocks from the White House. "We are really bringing it right down to the center of the nation's capital," Bassett declared. In addition to that, he announced the creation of the Contact 2010, to be held in October. This event, he said, will be the first major event, since 1992, to deal specifically with the issue of ET contact. - setyoufreee, video compiled by: djhollywoodaus.

Disclosure is imminent!

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Sheldan Nidle (Blog Radio Live) 25th March, 2010. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/tazzandp...

Sheldan Nidle talks about Body Changes we are experiencing, Shift of Consciousness, Galactic Federation of Light adjusting Earth Tectonic plates, Obama Administration on UFO Disclosure, Galactic Federation of Light mission.
For some time you have realised that the operations on Earth are not serving your new found understanding, and certainly not the higher levels of spirituality that are now manifesting. It is clearly a battle for supremacy, whilst the dark Ones use every trick in the book to delay the inevitable. Lightworkers steadfastly respond with moves that transmute the lower energies, ensuring that they do not affect their own high standards. The more severe the challenge, the greater is the response accompanied by Love and Light. The Light is the building block of the Universe, and its power lies in its purity and high vibration. Stay in the energy of Love, and you cannot be assailed by the attempts of the dark Ones to prevent you lifting up. Providing you can contain your emotional reactions, there is no reason why you cannot deflect any such attacks upon you. Conversely, the higher you rise up, the more you are able to hold your position as your Light provides your protection.

There are valid reasons to be concerned with what is happening on Earth, but if you are aware of the reasons behind the changes they do not present a problem. You may not yet be able to see the outcome, but the cleansing will be uncomfortable for a while but soon settle down, as you will see new replacing the old quite quickly. It is all ready for a whole series of changes that will overcome the many disasters that have hit you lately. In the near future there will be the introduction of a whole host of new ideas, that have been carefully thought out in advance. They are to bridge the gap in your advancement that should have been well ahead of what it is now. No longer will those with a different agenda, be able to interfere with what is due to you and has been denied through greed and the desire for power. The dark Ones know that it is time for them to call it a day, and allow the Light to return to Earth and set the final acts of Ascension in motion.

There was always going to be an end time bringing activities on Earth to a halt, and that time has arrived. The cycles of life are pre-ordained, and it is not for Man to decide to hold them up. The final days of your present cycle are near, and are to take you away from the lower energies and set your feet upon the path to Ascension. Nothing short of a command from The Creator will alter the outcome, and you are assured that your upliftment will take place. The wishes of every soul will affect the manner in which the final days are played out, as you are still creating and your combined energies are determining the manner in which they finally occur. Be careful that you place your focus on all that is of the Light, and do not allow your guard to drop. You do not want to give succour to those who oppose you, and misdirect your energies for their use. - SaLuSa (Sirius Star-Nation) Galactic Federation of Light.- 21st April, 2010.

Full Update: http://www.galacticmessages.co­m/blog/2010/04/message-from-sa­lusa-for-21-april-2010-by-mike­-quinsey

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