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Obama Deception Extras Part II


Available to prison planet.tv members - extras from The Obama Deception DVD. Watch coverage of the DNC in Denver where Obama supporters attempt to silence free speech by assaulting 9/11 truth activists, watch extended interviews with Jesse Ventura, Gerald Celente, Ralph Nader and KRS-One. Also learn about how Obama is a frontman for the two party dictatorship

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  • Unitb166er#

    Unitb166er April 28, 2010 11:36:14 AM CEST

    Our current government is INVESTING IN CONFLICT!By allowing out of control foreign investment,they create the condition of currency devaluement.When the loans are called,the United States of America inc. will declare war on anybody it can get away with and by doing that threaten the WORLD with WAR!Then they can "ask" the world for loans to fight more war to get more loans to fight more war.See how easy that is...If the world doesn't like that The good old U.S.A. will "free" them until there dead or they "accept" "democracy".Welcome to Neo-con AmericaNWO population=350,000,000 (yes thats right,not you or anybody you know.You and everybody you ever met not included.Gone,feneeto,nadda,zilch zero,plant food,DEAD,DEAD,DEAD!!!!!)

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