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28th April, Giza in front of the Sphinx

  • Acmbs
  • uploaded: Apr 30, 2010
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The film had to be edited to protect the life of the person who took it.
His life has already been threatened and we are issuing this warning:

The film has full sound accompanyment and can be verified, and shows more detail in its original condition. Copies of the film + verifications + copies of our detailed files have been lodged in safe places and will all be dumped to the Press if a single hair is harmed on anyone who is of the company of Friends of the Giza Plateau and a part of our exposure process. We take the threats to the filmaker seriously and the threats we have received ourselves; but so too must the promise of exposure for the whole dirty story be taken seriously.

Our material is being fed as fast as it is being prepared for presentation and also at a rate which recognised the prudence necessary to 'play a game' of negotiation which is necessary in all these matters.

However we can say right now, a couple of days ago we captured the exact moment under a full moon where they are removing items from below ground in the area in front of the Sphinx Temples. and it is a part of an ongoing SCA approved excavation project which has been in operation for almost one year.

Items of Great Importance are being openly removed by the Egyptian Authorities in front of the village people as well as the world.. and in other areas like this one! No one has been able to do a thing about it up to now. In the latest hour one Egyptian source claimed there was nothing found; however,eyewitnesses disagree.

These activities are a breathtaking Arrogence!

The authorities CANNOT stop the truth being revealed. The public are bound to learn of the amazing finds beneath the Giza Plateau... even if it does also reveal the bare faced lies that have been told to cover the fact for so long.

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  • Huge1234#

    Huge1234 April 30, 2010 10:17:46 PM CEST

    george noory : so zahi, what you been sneaking around the pyramids at night for ? zahi hawass : what pyramids ?... i see no pyramids... whats a pyramid ? :D

  • Huge1234#

    Huge1234 April 30, 2010 10:13:37 PM CEST

    i wonder if george 'just for men' noory picks this one up for c2c ? :)

  • Huge1234#

    Huge1234 April 30, 2010 10:09:32 PM CEST

    hall of records ?

  • Malogg#

    Malogg April 30, 2010 9:39:47 PM CEST

    Iv heard rummers that giant coffin things have been found below the sphinx containing giant mummy,s of aliens

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