Messages from the Light Part 2/12

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Mellen-Thomas Benedict, one of the most studied near-death experiencers in the world, told of knowledge he's accrued from being on the other side. Since his 1982 near-death experience in which he
was without vital signs for 90 minutes, and left his body, he's been able to access the "light" every day. Here are some of his observations:

We are all part of a Great Self-- the sum total of all of us and everything that has ever been.
Creation has just begun, and the future is so bright. We've already made it.
There is no plan, there never was. You were given the universe to do what you will. The only meaning to life is what you give it.
Some science fiction luminaries such as Jules Verne and Gene Roddenberry were more accurate in their visions of the future than any psychics or prophets.
In the not too distant future, we'll be able to replicate food, as well as water. We'll no longer need big farms.
In the next 400 years, we'll start "star-seeding" other planets.
2012 is not the end of the world but a "cosmological signpost." We'll see more meteor showers and cosmic events around this time.
Reincarnation is more real and dynamic than people can imagine.
Benedict also talked about inventions he's brought back from the other side, including healing light technology. Light can have enzymatic effects and recharge the cells in your body, he said.

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