SDO - Amazing Eruptions,sunspot 1069 Is Crackling!

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May 9th 2010
AMAZING ERUPTIONS: Departing sunspot 1069 is crackling with solar flares. Just yesterday it erupted more than half a dozen times. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) video-recorded each of the explosions with a clarity ten times better than HDTV.
On the "Richter scale" of solar flares, the eruption you just witnessed registered C2.4. In years past, solar physicists regarded C-flares as minor events, but SDO is revealing them to be quite spectacular. Here are three more examples from May 8th: C1.8-flare, C9-flare, B7-flare.

This amazing footage comes from an observatory that has only been in space for a few months and is still being commissioned. Mission scientists are so busy calibrating sensors, developing software, and generally getting acquainted with their spacecraft, they barely have time to interpret the torrent of data. This will change in the weeks ahead as the commissioning phase winds down and the discovery phase revs up. Then the real excitement begins. Stay tuned!

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