Lloyd Pye - Everything You Know is Wrong 6.6

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During years as a fiction writer, Lloyd was trying to work out how the so-called “prehuman” fossil record could be reconciled with the worldwide reality of hominoids. Doubting he would ever discover the answers he sought, in 1990 he belatedly found the work of Sitchin, and realized he could combine his own extensive research with Sitchin’s great ouver to create a new, comprehensive, utterly fact-based theory of human origins... Rationalism.

This presentation covers the 4 main arguments in his book:Darwinism does not satisfactorily explain how life came to be on Earth in the first place, or its subsequent development. The so-called “prehuman” fossil record that supposedly contains mankind’s earliest ancestors in fact does nothing of the kind. The true upright-walking indigenous primates on Earth are Hominoids, such as Sasquatch, Yeti, etc. It is their bones that comprise the so-called “prehuman” fossil record, not ours. The answer to where we humans actually came from can be found in the writings of the ancient Sumerians.

A presentation at the International UFO Congress in 1999.

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