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real mermaid caught swimming

  • Vulcanic
  • uploaded: May 12, 2008
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  • Christopher410#

    Christopher410 October 10, 2012 10:03:56 PM CEST

    looks real,you can also see the fish react to it as it swims away so somthing is there.

  • georgethebear#

    georgethebear January 16, 2012 11:18:00 AM CET

    At 2 seconds you can see what ever it is, has got fins. Sorry to say, it is a fish or some sort of mammal.

  • Griffin2011#

    Griffin2011 December 30, 2011 4:20:22 PM CET

    then were was the scooter cause i sure didn't see it

  • Griffin2011#

    Griffin2011 December 30, 2011 4:16:41 PM CET

    yeah right lier mermaids are real ask Phoebe Tonkin,Claire Holt, & Cariba Heine

  • Meatball123#

    Meatball123 November 17, 2011 2:59:47 AM CET

    not bad

  • Pladderballe#

    Pladderballe September 29, 2011 8:46:06 PM CEST

    link clip please.. would like to see that the skin of the figure is green and not red as in the clips ive seen from splash.

  • Pladderballe#

    Pladderballe September 29, 2011 8:44:10 PM CEST

    (fake ot not) i see arms. could it then be possible to hold and underwater scooter?

  • Xlmmortal#

    Xlmmortal July 27, 2011 10:28:28 AM CEST

    Wow that was friggin cool. I dont care if it was fake or real. Topless girls in the ocean always get my vote.

  • Ufologist#

    Ufologist May 7, 2011 8:08:56 AM CEST

    TOM HANKS fell off a boat and saw the mermaid. Zemekis is a director.

  • Eeeeeee#

    Eeeeeee May 4, 2011 9:26:31 PM CEST

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