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Brian Gerrish & Anthony J Hilder EU Hitlers Dream

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This is a prelude to Anthony Hilder's upcoming video "The EU Hitlers Dream Come True". Anthony is needing funds to finish the video to fight the fight. Please make contributions to:

Free World Film Works


Anthony needs funds to professionally finish editing the video to add footage of UK witnesses on his last tour for presentation to the world. This is the time and the medium to spread the word around the world. Anthony tells it like it is and its about time!

An interview with Lt. Commander Brian Gerrish of the British Constitution Group.

Brian Gerrish & Anthony J Hilder - EU Hitlers Dream Come True

Only a handful of people in England are keeping the island Nation's Sovereignty from slipping into a “Sea of Surrender” and into the European Union. Commander Brian Gerrish, now retired from the British Navy is one of the primary personalities holding steadfastly in the fight to keep the country's freedom. The Battle for Britain is not over - it's just begun.

In this film Anthony J Hilder, American Patriot, talks candidly with Gerrish at the “Light Of Day House” in Bournemouth on the south coast of England. Lt. Commander Gerrish, who fully understands how “the dirty work was done” in SELLING OUT the English people, now publishes the “UK COLUMN”. The Column is fast becoming Britain's leading Illuminati Expose. It bars no punches in revealing the shadowy figures behind Blair & Brown which led the way to the surrender of British Sovereignty through the Lisbon Treaty. Gerrish openly makes the stark thirties and England's Fourth Reich of the Rich, which has arisen from Britain's International Banking elite run by the House Of Rothschild.

Gerrish's British Constitution Group is not alone. Ian Crane's Alternative View Conferences, James Stewart's “St Anne's Alliance,” Theo Chalmers host of Edge TV, the UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) along with Grayling Baraclough have have joined the ranks in the battle for Britain.

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