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Un-Released Eisenhower Briefing on ET Contact

  • Ghost32
  • uploaded: May 15, 2010
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  • Gipoman#

    Gipoman January 9, 2012 4:18:16 AM CET

    Thank you so much for posting., Thank you.

  • Thieu4u#

    Thieu4u May 15, 2010 8:26:28 AM CEST

    This disclosure is a very important signal to those involved in the subject of the extraterrestrial presence on earth. There is no turning back now. Allow me to make a remark on this very beautiful and brave speech of Mister Henry W. McElroy. For all those, responsibly for the official disclosure it is important to be aware of the possibility that these extraterrestrials are not all benevolent. I think that based on the research of John Mack and others, and my personal experience with human aliens, it is not exaggerates to make a distinction between those extraterrestrials, who executed mental or even physical abductions and examinations of human beings without there approval on the one hand and on the other hand the human aliens, who are really benevolent and are teachers of wisdom and knowledge, who want to help humanity with the transition to a new paradigm, a new World view that allows a dialogue with the World view of extraterrestrial cultures and to open the way to new ideas in all sciences as well. It should also be clear that even if these extraterrestrial humans are benevolent in general, it is possible that some individuals among them have negative intentions, just like this is the case with humans of Earth. So only there actions, there behavior specific and in general, should be considered prove of there real intentions. The Greys, responsible for all the abductions, must be considered different than the human aliens. I use the worth human aliens because the human aliens are like family to us, while the greys, often categorized as humanoid, are of artificial origin, like Colonel Corso and others already stated. The fact that they have abducted people against there will, should be judged as a violation of the freedom of chose and will of every human being. No race, so also more advanced off Earth races, have the right to violate the integrity of the human species of our planet Earth in any way. Not nice statements or agreements, probably made over the years, are important. They should be judged based on there actions. The ethical principles of the different cultures of humanity worldwide have to be the basic guidelines to conclude if alien beings are benevolent our not. As the Vatican already stated, there is no reason to reject the idea that similar worlds as Earth exist in our Galaxy and beyon. But they also state that if evolution on other planets creates a human like being, they don't see any problem as long as these extraterrestrial humans are as ethical as we humans are. The human aliens regret that the Greys act the way they do. They stress the fact that these greys are way out of line. Those, responsibly for the disclosure process have to consider the possibility of the severe treat, coming from these grey creatures. There is to much at steak here. The officials of the disclosure process should make a clear distinction between these grey creatures, and the human aliens. Distinction should also be made between human aliens that work 'for' or 'with' the greys and those human aliens ,who refuse to work together with them and have warned for the dangers involved in collaborate with the Greys. If human aliens work together with these creatures, they should be accused of criminal acts against humanity in the same way as the greys. The artificial biological nature of the Greys makes it logic to conclude that they where designed and produced by real human like beings. In our own World, we see the rapid development of the robot industry and the idea that men will eventually create a robot like there own image is within reach in the not so far future. Just imagine that these biological robots free themselves from there makers, and make there own rules and strategy's,. It is not impossible at all. Consider the greys to be such a creature. You better don't do business with them. It should also be clear that the information and testimony of whistle blowers, in contact with the Greys, should be put into an other category as those, in contact with benevolent human aliens. A lot of information, released by those, in contact with the greys, should be considered extremely suspicious. There statements should be studied carefully because they could hide the real intentions of the greys. This doesn't mean that the whistle blowers should be considered dangerous. In most cases, they don't have bad intentions at all. They are in the first place victims of these grey beings and should be treated that way, except if proven otherwise. The human aliens disclosed crucial information about the grey, released in the form of a book The Alien Code. This book can be read, free of any charge on http://www.thealiencode.net" title="www.thealiencode.net" rel="external nofollow">www.thealiencode.net in English and Dutch. Please take the time to read the book if you want to know what the human aliens have to say about the greys, when they where made, how they evolved over time and became violent in the 20th century. You will also learn that the human aliens are very wise people who have a very positive message for humanity on all fields of human existence. Thank you for reading this post.

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