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An Excellent Example of Oathkeeping

BREAKING NEWS! Oath Keepers Proves That There WERE Troops Who Refused to Confiscate Guns During Katrina


We know that wholesale gun confiscation happened during Hurricane Katrina. We watched the Chief of Police of New Orleans declare on national television that no one [no private citizen] will be able to be armed, were going to take all the weapons. We watched an old lady being tackled in her own kitchen and disarmed.

In fact, that atrocious event was one of the reasons I started Oath Keepers. But I also knew, from my service as an Army paratrooper, that there are men of courage, honor, and integrity in the military who would refuse to obey such orders. My goal with Oath Keepers is simply to increase their numbers and harden their resolve. But when it came to Katrina, we did not have concrete proof that some said no until now.

A Stand-Up Example from Katrina Emerges

This past week, on Friday May 14, 2010, I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Sgt. Joshua L. May of the Utah National Guard who told me how he, along with the majority of the men in his unit, refused to participate in any gun confiscation while deployed to assist during Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

I finally discovered Sgt. May and his story only because after a speech I gave in Logan Utah on May 13, 2010, a local resident, Farley Anderson, walked up and told me about what Sgt. May had done. Upon hearing of it, I knew I just had to talk to him, so I had Mr. Anderson track down Sgt. Mays number and I called him at 11pm and invited him to breakfast the next morning. Until that night, Sgt. May hadnt even heard of Oath Keepers (which is ironic since he is a shining example of an oath keeper). We met for the first time that next morning, Friday, May 14, 2010. During breakfast, Sgt. May told me his story, and then I asked him if we could go outside and do an interview in the restaurant parking lot. He agreed that his story needed to be told and the below video is the result.

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