Ancient Wisdom and Truthful Knowledge

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This documentary or film, it really is entitled to both types of video type speaks alot of truth about subjects such as Ancient Strucutures and their locations that were perfected by the Ancient "Aliens" or who I like to refer to as our Creator Gods, not the real God, who is just impossible to describe or define. It also details the formation of many instigations of past wars and how the Federal Reserve which is by far the most corrupt corporation in existence today and was ever formed and the development of the Bavarian Illuminati and the Freemasonic religion, which, in higher degrees, is purely Satanic. It talks about how our Corporations are all corrupt, the larger ones are and how media and television mainstream in all respects is destroying our society by using a very subliminal form of brainwash. It is filled with lots of enlightening information that truly reveals all religions throughout the World and how the New World Order will be ushered in by a very easy agenda. That agenda will be mostly War, or the calling by the President of a so called National Emergency to declare Martial Law, which the President now has the ability to do by passing the Patriot Act, which by doing research on your own or by viewing this entire film, will enable you to understand how this has been put into place. It unmasks the corrupt Governments and leaders throughout the World, and how our Country of the United States is being taken over by Europe. This is very educational and includes beautiful knowledge for every single person in the World to indulge in and watch. You dont have to believe me, but do your research, you will be astonished how all of what is said in this film is right on the money and absolutely factual. Enjoy, and you are all entitled to your own opinions, but I urge any disbelievers, DO SOME RESEARCH ONLINE, maybe then you will have a change of thought. Enjoy this awesome film. Please visit and support the following web links I have provided for your pleasure. You can further extend your knowledge on all of this by viewing the following sites. This ENTIRE FILM WAS CREATE DBY MR. BENJAMIN STEWART AND IT IS A MASTERPIECE!

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