Christs appear in Dark Age to Preach Gospel like a

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Christs appear in Dark Age to Preach Gospel like a Sower - 7. In this Dark Age of hypocrisy, the Rabbis become greedy and their disciples start to cheat people. Payment in Mammon would get you judgement in your favour. Rabbis become Saltless people with no conscience. Then Christ Jesus came to Fish the men of spirit normally aged 30 or so, into the Royal Kingdom of God, that is within your own heart. Age of Christ is the Golden Age to earn Salvation by preaching Gospel through Grace of God.
Nanak was the Second anointed Christ that we call a Satguru but the Darkness in India created by the satanic people of Khatri tribe have created a great Darkness against the Six Christs in the name of Nanak. Antichrist Rabbis become their staunch enemies and kill them through blasphemey.
On the other hand Saints appear of their own hard labour in their previous births seeking the Grace of our Father to make them Sons of God with Holy Spirit. Then they proclaim Gospel mentioning their own name. Such Saints in India we call them Bhagats. There were quite a few in India especially up from central India to Northern or up away from South India that did not require a Saint as Christ Thomas was enough for them.

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