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Invisible Stealth Aircraft

  • Uploaded by Ivision on May 25, 2010
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"The first practical attempt to create an invisible aircraft was in
the 1940s, with the U.S. Navy operation "Yahootie". Observers on
German U-boats cruising on the surface during daylight, visually
spotted U.S. Navy bombers before the planes could attack, allowing
the submarines to dive safely away.

A series of bright lights were arrayed on the wings and propeller
hubs of the sub-hunter planes. The bomber crews adjusted the lights
to match the natural background light behind the aircraft, masking
itself against the sky. This so-called "isoluminous" principle is
based upon the perception that different objects displaying the
same brightness seem indistinguishable from each other.

More recently with the development of flexible display panels for
computer screens, it may be possible to create a suit for a man or
an envelope for a vehicle that has active camoflage similar to
that exhibited by squid or octopi."

?Patent No. 5,307,162?

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