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how should we communicate with decision makers?

Description: This is the third of ten discussions cut from the 7 hour |Live Kitchen Table Global Webcast from the assembly rooms Glastonbury UK on easter sunday 2010.

See: "Brian Viziondanz talks about "The Kitchen Table" - JUNE 6TH On the web & SUNRISE CELEBRATION"

You can participate in the next global kitchen table broadcast from The Sunrise Celebration
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"the amazing sunrise celebration "

If you can't make it to the festival, you can watch it live on the web @ and interact through twitter
June 6th 1pm - 7pm BST - this is your opportunity to speak to the world -

see for a recording of the last kitchen table event in glastonbury -


"The Kitchen TablePregnant with possibility"

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  • Viziondanz#

    Viziondanz May 28, 2010 3:44:02 PM CEST

    i totally agree - physical reality is where the tyre hits the road:)

  • Mikleanjello#

    Mikleanjello May 28, 2010 3:31:51 PM CEST

    Let me preface my comments with that fact that I am all about transformation, love, unity, the unfolding of a new day in the ongoing march of humanity, I try to live my life in that way, grow, expand my understanding of what it means to be human,.... I believe we are so much more than what we appear, however in all this conversation above there is this glaring lapse of reality,.. the pragmatic,.... the fact that we have to be involved in more than just an energetic way,... it's nice to think we can just sit in our living rooms or around a kitchen tabling and energetically effect change,.. and that is a good thing to do i am not disparaging it at all,.... but there is also practical and necessary things that need to be done as well. We don't energetically, make food appear, water appear, paychecks, merchandise, etc. it all this conversation above they discuss seemingly one facet of our responsibilities we have as human beings,... to the exclusion of all others. I agree the old paradigm does not work at all, but the new one will not be just sitting on clouds energeticallty wishing things into existence.

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